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Home Staging

Home Staging is a successful marketing tool used for selling or renting a property to speed up the process and reach the best possible price. It is an investment aimed at a sale. We improve the property’s appearance, achieving excellent results and standing out from other options on the market.

We use Home Staging for:

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Other methods exist to streamline the sale or rental of a home or help you visualize possible improvements to your apartment without the need for large upfront investments.

Therefore, we offer complementary services that can also be great help to you:

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how we work
We employ several different techniques to showcase your property

We present the property with an impeccable appearance and neutral decoration, while maintaining its character and projecting the feeling of novelty and freshness.

We can apply Home Staging techniques to any type of property, adapting our approach physical spaces available and particular needs of each client. We operate in empty apartments with ephemeral furniture or real furniture from our stock, as well as in non-inhabited furnished spaces, where we reuse some of the available furniture for the staging, with results that are completely different from the original layout. We also advise and carry out interventions in inhabited houses that are for sale or prepare tourist apartments.

We seek out the best options to take advantage of all the corners in small spaces and we bring out the extra shine in wide spaces offered by large properties.

Let us visit your home and hear your story, at no cost and without obligation. We diagnose the current state and assess what improvements could be best for you.

Without any obligations, we propose a detailed budget adjusted to your pocket, with all the changes that we consider to be helpful for a successful staging that will lead to more visitors and a quick sale of the property at the best possible price.

We advise you on the transformation of your home for sale or rent, which can include: painting walls, furniture or tiles; changing taps and door or furniture handles; carrying out small repairs. Our collaborators can help you with these tasks and we can coordinate them for you.

We suggest different options depending on your budget: reusing and giving another life to your furniture; using cardboard furniture; using furniture and accessories from our own stock; acquiring completely new furniture.

We fill your space with emotions and small decorative details in a neutral and cozy style. We pad the beds and sofas with cushions; we place curtains, tablecloths, towels, plants and fruits, showcasing a happy and comfortable life.

The best way to see the result of our intervention is a completely free photographic report, essential for the professional publication of your home.

We conclude our work with a plan that allows you to see the distribution, measurements, and area of your property. All this comes without any additional cost to you, while saving time and money for the future buyer.

The initial cost is only 50% of our fees, to be covered upon signing the contract. The remaining half is to be paid we finish the Home Staging assembly.


When you sell or rent your property (or at the end of the contract), we collect all of the material used in the intervention.