vivienda vacia antes home staging
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Do you have an empty property ready to rent or sell, but you don’t know where to start?

Two main reasons for empty properties to take advantage of Home Staging: firstly, unfurnished spaces appear smaller and colder; secondly, the vast majority of people are unable to visualize the future look and use of an empty space.

We solve this by staging a home with cardboard furniture, real furniture, or new furniture (if you want to deliver it list the property as ready to inhabit or rent). We complete our intervention with decorative details such as candles, flowers or plants, cushions, and blankets. All these stimulate emotions in potential clients amazingly well, without overloading your property.

Each intervention is different. It is very important to us to have a first visit with you, decide on the next steps, and adjust expectations to your budget.

Once you approve the budget, we set a date for the assembly. A day or two after that, your property will have the image of a home desired by many.

home staging en cocina vivienda alquiler
home staging para alquilar vivienda vacia

We deliver a photographic report of all the rooms we intervened in, as well as a general plan with measurements, as part of our Home Staging service at no additional cost. You can also complement conventional photographs with a Virtual 3D Tour.

If you prefer a simpler and faster approach, we can organize a Virtual Home Staging, based on the real images of your empty property.