home staging para pisos amueblados
fotografia inmobiliaria para vender piso

Do you want to sell or rent an apartment that has not been occupied but is already furnished?

Sometimes, our properties are filled with personal mementos or are kept in an unfashionable style. We help you with a healthy clean-up to sell them at the best price and as fast as possible. Perhaps you want to rent your property and see the need to invest into refreshing its look and improving the monthly rent you can ask for. With our home staging experience, we know how to transform an apartment into an incredibly attractive real estate product, ready for sale or rental.

In any case, the home stagers design a strategy based on your budget, where we might reuse the furniture, give it a second chance or another function. We decide what is no longer useful and also augment the place with beautiful decorative elements. Our work refreshes the space and adds value to your apartment.

The first visit is very important to us, as discovering your space and learning about your plans helps us determine what exactly our intervention will include.

decoracion casas amuebladas para vender o alquilar

After this initial stage, we put together and present a detailed budget that meets your needs. Once you approve it, we set a date for the staging.

Once we finish the home staging, we give you a plan of the property and a photographic report that you can use to advertise it, leading to significant increase in the number of visits that will lead to a quick sale. Once you complete the sale of your property or our contract ends, we remove the provided furniture and decorative elements.