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Virtual Home Staging is a combination between the real and the virtual with excellent results. The finish, the brightness, the shadows… The complete treatment we give to each element that appears in the scene makes the virtual come alive and blend with reality of existing floors, ceilings, and other elements. Pure magic!

How can you use this service? First, you need to email us the photographs of spaces you want to be used for staging. We choose the most appropriate style and create a composition of furniture and decorative elements that we blend into the photos you provided. We send you the result, and you either approve it or discuss additional changes with us.

Virtual Home Staging, similarly to the physical one, focuses on neutral decoration in as a means of positively impressing a greater number of viewers. A good first impression translates directly into more visits.

This service is a useful tool for individual owners, real estate agencies and promoters, as the benefits it provides are universal:

  • A better representations of the property.
  • A larger number of visits.
  • Saving time and money spent on the investment.
  • A faster sale.
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