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 “An image is worth more than a thousand words”.

Real estate photography is growing in importance with each passing day. It definitely influences decision-making when renting or buying a property. Although this aspect of the market has been advancing, there is still a lot to do.

Poor quality photographs on real estate sites, taken with a mobile device, dark, out of focus are fairly common. This little “detail” works against achieving the objective of sale or rental of the property.

When we look for a property, the internet is indisputably the most used and the most representative aspect of the properties online are their photographs. If the photographs do not capture our attention, we dismiss the property as the first impression has been negative. If the images use good lighting, help us appreciate the actual space of the rooms, and represent an attractive decorative look, they awaken curiosity and invite viewers to visit the actual property. This also means that potential clients arrive at the visit with a positive outlook based on captivating images, much closer to reaching the final decision of purchasing or renting the property.

Our real estate photography service addresses this aspect of real estate marketing through a photographic report of all the rooms using the right angles to enhance the strengths of your property, providing an impeccable and professional result.