A studio with possibilities

The potential of this studio located on Aragó Street in Barcelona would possibly remain undiscovered, had it not been for the interior design project we carried out. The buyer understood the possibilities that the property presented by itself. Well located, interior, silent ­- but at the same time bright. Although we are talking only about 25 m2, the apartment had a structure that allowed for a transformation into a functionally pleasant home.

The property had a bathroom and a large room with an office space. The room is the part where life happens most of the time, so we wanted to keep it clear, with as little universally useful furniture composed of simple lines as possible. A beautiful wall painting was transformed into a table that could also serve as a desk, hiding some shelves for storage.

The sofa was transformed into a double bed. The stackable coffee tables and a sitting puff with hidden storage space. Finally, a large capacity closet on the longest wall of the apartment.

The works we proposed to be carried out as part of the project were very simple. We reduced the bathroom and gave that space to the kitchen. Both the kitchen and the bathroom presented a decent size, considering that the property was not designed for a family – rather for a couple or a single person who would use it as a live-in studio. Our project included visual materials: a virtual reimagining of the spaces. The renderings conveyed the ideas perfectly and hit the mark for someone, as in the space of one week the real estate company had a client for the property.

propuesta cocina office con render
Intervention:  Decorative project
Intervention date: 2021
Client: real statge agency
Purpose: sale
Time to sell: in  1 week

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cocina office sin reformarpropuesta cocina office con render
salon pequeño vacio de origen sin reformarsalon pequeño con render mobiliario abatible