Accents of colour in a classic apartment

One hundred and sixty square metres distributed across an imposing property in the upper area of ​​Barcelona with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, large kitchen and a living room.

The house, following the architectural pattern of its era, had a very pronounced structure: a part that faced the street and another that faced an interior block, both separated by a wide corridor along which they were opening the different interior rooms. These two parts were very bright, thanks to the morning sun on one side and the afternoon on the other. However, the hallway and hall, lined with dark wood, gave the whole place a rather sad and overly classic look. Some rooms, such as the main room and the dressing room, followed the same aesthetic with large wardrobes made of the same type of wood going all the way up to the ceiling.

It was a great challenge for Volttea to make the apartment attractive, give it value, and a positive and pleasant image that would work for the vast majority of visitors.

We had no budget to paint walls, furniture or tiles. Therefore, we decided that it was essential that the dark wood, predominant in much of the house, was dethroned as its main aspect. To achieve this, we decided that a set of striking colours and very specific details arranged in strategic places could give the whole a different touch, improving the rooms and making the visitors forget the overly dark ambiance. In the living/dining room, green and ocher gave life to the space. In the bathroom, the details we chose were blue, highlighting the turquoise. The pale pink colour followed, chosen for the master bedroom and the dressing room. Finally, a combination of orange and lilac brightened the children’s room.

mesa decorada con detalles turquesa y granadas
Intervention:  Home Staging
Intervention date: 2021
Client: real estate agency
Purpose: sale
Time to sell: 3 months

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salon comedor de piso en venta clasico sin amueblardecoracion de salon comedor con tonos turquesa ocre
home staging salon tonos grises turquesa
dormitorio con mueble madera oscura
habitacion grande piso en venta sin amueblardecoracion habitacion infantil tonos malva naranja piso en venta
vestidor clasico madera oscura piso en venta