An off-campus apartment

We received an urgent call from the commercial director of a well-known real estate agency in Barcelona: “I have a three-bedroom apartment that needs a home staging”.

The apartment had been the scene of many hours of study by Pompeu Fabra university students, situated right on the corner of the building. Now we had to adapt the property for sale. The apartment was semi-furnished but lifeless, without any decoration and any kind of organization, but we had a good base to start from. The parquet flooring gave it a certain warmth and all the rooms were decently sized. In the living room, with a whole wall of wide windows, we used very light and transparent white curtains to take advantage of all the light coming in from the street. We staged an informal table and arranged colourful cushions to break up the solid black of the furniture and dark tones of the sofas.

The neutral rooms followed the general colour scheme of the house. The added details through candles, pictures, and dried flowers gave all of them a cosy touch needed to awaken the desire to inhabit them. As always at Volttea, we gave the property a personal touch with original and unique paintings made by us.

The result was a completely transformed set of spaces. Every time we finish a project, we reaffirm the importance and necessity of Home Staging. It really is an undoubtedly successful marketing technique.

detalles decorativos flores malva
Intervention:  Home Staging
Intervention date: 2021
Client: real estate agency
Purpose: sale
Time to sell: 3 months

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comedor oscuro sin decoraciondecoracion salon sencillo aprovechando mobiliario existente
dormitorio piso en venta que necesita home stagingejemplo home staging dormitorio tonos rosados
habitacion con cama sin decorartransformacion dormitorio doble con home staging
cocina desordenada piso en ventahome staging cocina tonos naranjas
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