Door or furnishing?

In this apartment on the well-known neighbourhood of Gracia, the sun shone through the balcony of the living room and the window of the double room. With the white walls and a light floor, it was illuminated giving splendour to the entire space, however the hall and the corridor with a dark wood panelling gave the house a somewhat sad air.

The apartment was completely empty and it was difficult to imagine how the furniture could be arranged in each of the rooms in a comfortable and functional way.

We used very neutral colours following a line in all the parts of the house. We combined pastel colours with some more vivid tones to break the chromatic range and enhance the neutrality of  walls and floors.

We furnished with ephemeral furniture and small real auxiliary furniture. In the living-dining room we reused an old door recovered from a flat in l’Eixample as a piece of furniture that combined wood with a caramel-coloured glass that exactly coincided with the glass that the doors and hall of the house had … We stripped the door giving it an aged character and transforming it into an original bench to which we add some rusty wheels recovered from an antique store. There will never be a piece like it because our hallmark is the originality that we achieve thanks to touches like this wonderful door restored by us.

Although we do not always have the necessary budget to make all the required improvements, we always manage to highlight the strengths of a home. The change of the house after our intervention was notorious, we managed to give a warm and welcoming air to this apartment that hid great potential.

puerta reciclada convertida en mueble
Intervention type:  Home Staging
Intervention date: 2020
Client: real state
Purpose: sale
Time to sale: in under 6 months

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antes home staging comedor piso eixamplehome staging comedor piso eixample
dormitorio doble sin decorarhome staging en dormitorio doble piso vacio
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