A freshly baked apartment

New flats went on sale in a new building in the Guinardó neighborhood of Barcelona and the construction company decided to do Home Staging in one of the apartments that would serve as a sample for people interested in buying one of the available properties.

The flat was freshly painted, white as snow, brand new, and still… it had one “but”: it was empty and didn’t send a message – the bare walls didn’t have a story to tell. So, with the power of Home Staging, we started the transformation.

For the furniture, we mostly used real furniture that we combined with ephemeral pieces. We designed a decoration strategy for all the rooms to have the same tones. As always, we chose the base to be in a neutral tone and we decided that the colors that should bring the place to life would be mustard and turquoise blue, giving a nod to the corporate colors of the company that asked us to provide them with our Home Staging service.

We opted for a Nordic style decoration, using natural materials with animal or plant motifs to create the atmosphere. We achieved the final effect with a canvas of multicolored (but predominantly blue) flowers and paintings with black and white images of a friendly giraffe and an elegant tiger. We chose butterfly prints for the cushions in the double room and a forest theme for one of the individual rooms. We made wall sconces from a jute mat and put raffia decoration on the bedhead in the suite. We placed plants in all the rooms (as they always add life to spaces) and jute rugs in the bathrooms, as well as cotton rugs in the individual rooms.

Once again, we ended up with a satisfied client who trusted Home Staging as an essential marketing tool for real estate sales.

Intervention: Home Staging
Intervention date: 2021
Client: real estate agency
Purpose: sale
Time to sell: on going

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