Happy lives

This project had its own special soul for us. The amazing connection between us and the owner made it much easier for us to adapt this small apartment to her lifestyle and needs.

A family has led a happy life in this house, but now it was going to be inhabited by a young girl, so we thought it would be more appropriate to transform it into a flat with a fresher and more contemporary character.

Despite the fact that wood is one of our favourite materials, here it devoured light and space. The use of white was key in creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere, so we painted the ceilings, the doors, and their frames. We gave the walls a very light and cozy neutral gray tone, bringing relaxation and tranquility.

The main room needed to lose the heaviness of a dark wood closet with a built-in bed, opening up additional space that we filled with the brightness of new Nordic-style furniture.

In the kitchen, just like in other areas, dark wood swallowed space. The solution was obvious: white on tiles and furniture. To break the colour monotony, we decided to cover the upper part of the wall with a blue-gray tone that perfectly matched with the hydraulic floor. Our final touch … a teapot with a plant.

For the bathroom, the change of colours and materials proved to be the best option once more. The mix of styles proved very successful, with vintage-style tiles in light tones, a custom-made countertop from an irregular piece of rustic wood, a modern round mirror, and decorative design elements in bright colors such as red or orange. A green plant would not go amiss, always (in our opinion) giving more life and an accompanying welcome to its new dear friend and owner. Pure life!

home staging en baño vivienda particular
reforma baño con encimera madera rustica
proyecto decorativo salon comedor
Intervention type: Relooking – Home Staging
Intervention date: 2019
Client: individual owner
Purpose: private use

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antes de modernizar cocina pequeñamodernizar cocina con muebles y pintura
antes decoracion y home staging lavabo pequeñodespues decoracion y home staging lavabo pequeño
dormitorio oscuro antes relooking
dormitorio luminoso con tecnicas home staging