Little treasures

The only plan for this small home was to organize it in order to get the most of each space. The family had grown and the old Sant Andreu apartment suddenly appeared insufficient for everything and everyone it was meant to hold.

Little by little, we started discovering treasures. Below our feet, hiding under a plain stoneware floor, we found wonderful geometric pieces of a mosaic tile floor. Above our heads, under many layers of paint, we discovered metal beams and a beautiful tile-coloured Catalan-style ceiling. Behind the kitchen tiles, we find beautiful old bricks that we decided to paint white. Finally, attempting to address the humidity of the main facade, we unearthed a magnificent stone wall, which we also painted white to gain light.

The tiny place began to exhibit another character. It turned into a marvel of space before our very eyes. Even though it did not grow at all in its actual size, its ampleness uncovered through its new distribution.

It had always been a bright place, but we managed to reach a new level of light inside by opening the spaces and applying white to walls and furniture in the kitchen.

home staging cocina abierta piso pequeño
Intervention type: Relooking
Intervention date: 2019
Client: individual owner
Purpose: private use

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cocina antes de tirar tabiquedecoracion cocina abierta con isla piso pequeño
estado inicial cocina blancaresultado reforma cocina blanca
zona lavado antes de relookingrelooking zona lavado piso pequeño
lavabo antes reforma y home staginglavabo despues reforma y home staging
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