Modernity with a vintage flavour

In the heart of Sarrià we found a building with a structure that was maintained to preserve its original elements while modifying others, with a chromatic combination of black and white, resulting in a very current and casual look. 

The apartment in which we intervened did not have large rooms. Three of them faced the outside, onto a very quiet pedestrian street. In front of the building were houses with extensive courtyards and gardens full of lush vegetation.

We filled the floor with neutral and warm colors. Choosing beige over accents of brown, boiler, tobacco… as it didn’t need more colour to give it life – but it did need a certain warmth. Textiles such as plaids, cushions, and curtains on the windows softened the hardness of the space.

To highlight, and within the line of minimalism, we made a piece of furniture for the living room with a pair of pine wood boards supported on hollow bricks painted white. We solved that corner in a simple, economical, and above all fun way – all in situ.

We chose decorative elements with natural motifs (flowers and plants, paintings with leaves, natural pampas, raffia, jute…). All of them helped balance the cold walls and aluminum with the comfort of natural materials. Thanks to this, we obtained an excellent result for this functional apartment.

cocina abierta con mesa de bambu piso rehabilitado
Intervention: Home Staging
Intervention date: 2022
Client: real estate agency
Purpose: sale
Time on sell: 1 month

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salon vacio piso rehabilitadomueble hecho con ladrillos para decorar salon
cocina abierta con muebles blancos piso rehabilitado
dormitorio individual piso edificio rehabilitadohome staging en dormitorio tonos marrones grises salmon
lavabo sin decoracion piso edificio rehabilitado
detalles de home staging para dormitorio