More is less

This project tells a story that confirms that home staging works without the need for large investments.

The apartment is located in an area of Barcelona called Vallcarca. 40 square meters distributed between a double room, a patio, a bathroom, and a living room with a kitchen hiding behind a door simulating a closet.

A bit before we had presented a budget to the client to improve the general fel of this property, but it was finally rejected and the apartment was put for sale with photographs of empty rooms and the original kitchen and bathroom. After three months without a single visit, the owner contacted us again and requested an on-site home staging.

In the kitchen and in the bathroom we did a “relooking”, painting the tiles and giving both a more modern and attractive touch. Despite the size of the room, we managed to create a multipurpose space that could be used as a dining room or a work area, depending on the owner’s needs. The patio, which until now had served simply as a room to store things that were not used, was turned it into a little corner for good breakfast moments enjoying a breakfast or a meeting with fresh air. Bold colors, relaxed and original details…

The sum of all the interventions made the apartment ready for a return to the real estate market with a new look. The change was so noticeable that it attracted attention from the very first day the photographs were published, resulting in a large number of visits. We managed to reach those people who saw the possibilities of living in and starting a new stage of their life in this newly functional apartment.

We did not have to wait long for the result of our home staging, as during the visits on the very first day, the buyer and new owner of this apartment was found!

salon comedor mejorado con home staging
detalles decorativos salon apartamento en venta
Intervention:  Home Staging
Intervention date: 2021
Client: real estate agency
Purpose: sale
Time to sell: in 1 day

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comedor apartamento vacio sin reformarhome staging salon usando sofa gris
cocina poco atractiva apartamento sin reformarcocina con puertas tipo armario
habitacion apartamento en venta vacio
lavabo sin reformar azulejos estampados
patio sin decorar apartamento en ventapatio con elementos decorativos apartamento en venta
telefono antiguo negro utilizado para home staging apartamento