New York style

When we saw this property for the first time, we were immediately really impressed. A diaphanous space of a little over 200 m2, with columns that could perfectly blend into a parking lot or a car repair shop, if it weren’t for the fact that we were on the fifth floor.

The owner’s intention was to construct a multipurpose space, a home office; and to sell it as fast as possible.

The glass window in the back showcased the warm light that comes with Barcelona sunsets; the yellow metal fire escape and the pure industrial character sent our imaginations flying to the mythical neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York.

The mixture of materials was the foundation of introduced changes. We integrated wood between the iron and the microcement; added colourful textiles to the steel bars; put warm rugs on wooden floors that contrast with the concrete walls; illuminated the frosty spaces with warm light; and added a bit of plant life to follow one of the laws of Feng Shui.

And so we completed one more project… a project that will forever remain in our memories, because our projects are like children to us, even though there always comes a time when you have to release their hand, so they can go on and live their own lives.

relooking para venta loft diafano en barcelona
home staging loft estilo industrial
Intervention type: Purchasing advice – Decorative project – Home Staging
Intervention date: 2018
Client: investor
Purpose: sale
Time to sale: in under 6 months
decoracion cocina moderna estilo industrial
separacion acristalada loft barcelona

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