A renovated classic

According to our client’s request, we secured this property in central Barcelona. A real gem built 150 years ago at Riera Alta street in the El Raval neighbourhood.

The 90m² property already had great tile mosaic floor that we restored, original wood beam vaulted ceilings, and spectacular natural light streaming in through its balconies.

We had a great foundation to use Home Staging techniques and enhance the strengths of this property. Our work consisted of redistributing the spaces using beautiful Nordic-style furniture, adding decorative details, and restoring existing elements of the property, giving them a new life. The finishing touch was the addition of fresh and lively natural plants. All this resulted in new tenants falling in love with the place in just one week.

The client was able to monetize the initial investment with very little intervention necessary and on a minimum budget.

amueblar piso para alquilar de estilo nordico economico
home staging piso antigo raval barcelona
Intervention type: Purchasing advice – Decorative project – Home Staging
Intervention date: 2015
Client: investor
Purpose: rental
Rental signed: in 1 week

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proyecto decoracion piso vacio con suelo hidraulico para alquilaramueblar piso para alquilar de estilo nordico economico
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