Rescuing a loft

We were already impressed going up with an ancient elevator to the attic, where we found a place with an industrial atmosphere so common in the Poblenou neighbourhood.

The owner’s intention was to improve and modernize a space that had already been transformed into a loft from its industrial past. Truth be told, it did not look much like one; some partitions had been erected, forming three dark, unventilated rooms. Therefore, our main task was to convert the space into an open loft, taking advantage of the only light source, the terrace. At the same time, we wanted to enhance the industrial character of the premises.

We decided to divide the open space into two multipurpose areas separated by large folding windows that allowed all the light that entered the main façade to pass through.

We adorned the walls with an old bicycle, a huge wall clock and an industrial-grade coat hanger. The natural and neutral tones of the loft’s interior have been offset by the colours we chose for the terrace, additionally augmented with natural plants and decorative elements that fill it with life, making it a perfect opportunity for enjoying the outdoors and spectacular views.

unificacion espacios loft para vender
decoracion loft para vender 2
Intervention type: Purchase Advice – Relooking – Home Staging
Intervention date: 2017
Client: investor
Purpose: sale
Time to sale: in under 3 months

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