Sensory spaces

How many stories and fantasies have we lived in our bathrooms, how many words have we read that made us travel… Sometimes we adapt crazy personalities or turn into dancers and singers… We can be whoever we want there… The space at home where many of us reach true intimacy.

A good shower… a relaxing and clean ambiance, more space, more light… and organizing the elements — this was our mission.

The transformation of two bathrooms and a storage was carried out using warm and lively materials such as microcement, wood, and glass.

The finishing touch came with our decorative formula: something made with natural materials, a piece of ground-breaking colour, and a lively element. All these props created a new stage for future scenes to be played out by visiting actors.

decoracion lavabo con microcemento
home staging lavabo para fotografia inmobiliaria
Intervention type: Relooking – Home Staging
Intervention date: 2018
Client: individual owner
Purpose: private use

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antes reforma lavabo para aprovechar espaciodespues reforma lavabo para aprovechar espacio
antes transformacion lavabo colores neutrostransformacion lavabo colores neutros