The Shop

The owner showed us a ground floor renovated only 2 years earlier and explained the story of “La Bogita” with much passion.

Where did the name La Botiga come from? “Botiga” means “shop” and the property has this name, because the owner’s grandmother settled in Barcelona in the 50s, opening a small fruit and vegetable business and living in the back roomwith her family. Many years have passed and the place has changed, but it willforever be “La Botiga” for the family.

They decided to offer La Botiga for rental, but also wanted to change its atmosphere, to refresh and revitalize its ambiance, so they contacted us to achieve their goal.

We mixed the styles, adding new decorative elements, but also keeping and adapting some of the vintage objects present here from the days when Mrs. Mercè was selling the best oranges in the neighbourhood.

We added hand-made pieces made with great quality materials. The little abandoned patio received a second life through recycled elements from earlier times. The change was noticeable and pleased the visitors exploring the space. The success of our project came within a week from our intervention, in the form of a rental contract.

fotografia inmobiliaria piso alquiler
Intervention type:  Home Staging
Intervention date: 2020
Client: individual owner
Purpose: rental
Rental signed: in 1 week

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