decoracion para inmuebles de inversores
mejora pisos inversores para vender

If you are an investor, and in addition to Home Staging, we offer you consultations for finding a property and our support throughout the purchase process. Thanks to our network of real estate contacts we have access to 100% of the market and opportunities that have not been published for wider audiences.

We conduct a study in accordance with your budget, choosing the best investment option for you, according to the profitability you want to achieve. Thanks to our technical service, we can identify possible parameters and qualities of the property, as well as potential future problems.

To complete the investment process, we conduct a study of the ideal clients for your offer and proposal for decorative or structural improvements, based on our knowledge of real estate marketing (Home Staging), with the goal of offering your property for rent or sale.

We adapt to the times we live in, with new and exciting real estate business opportunities such as cohousing, coliving and relocation, that we can offer you with the essential application of Home Staging.

Through our professional photography and staging service, we create a cozy and universal image that will differentiate your properly on the market, helping you with a quick sale or rental and a satisfactory business outcome within the minimum time required. We can put you in contact with our legal advisor for any queries you may have about the whole process.