With a view of the "Mercat del Ninot"

Although it seems impossible, in the case of this apartment it was very difficult to visualize the potential of its great salon and empty rooms. So, we started to transform the spaces with decorative elements that would give it a spark and immediately connect with the potential buyers.

We had to consider the style of the property, with its black and white stoneware floors, built-in wardrobes, and dark wood doors. We decided to use neutral tones but with touches of warm colours such as orange, red and wine.

The main room was on the corner of the building, overlooking the local Ninot market, opening itself to a lot of light from the outside, allowing us to be more daring and use black as one of the colours of the room. We gave it warmth and dressed it with curtains that framed the windows. The use of mustard combined with black proved to be a wise choice. Additional details such as carpets, works of art, and plants gave the property personality and helped its corners avoid the look of “lost meters”.

The best thing about this project for Volttea was receiving the call from our client, the real estate agency, telling us that it was sold on the first day of client visits. A job well done is always a success.

Intervention:  Home Staging
Intervention date: 2021
Client: real estate agency
Purpose: sale
Time to sale: 1 day

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